“Täby Chess Club” by artist Annti Favén

1-Where are the chess games files?

The Chess Games Repository files are located here.

2-How often is the full database updated?

Every year, on January the 15th, I will publish a full release. The full database (and the delta files) will consist of PGN files to facilitate everyone’s job (the PGN format being compatible with every chess database I know).  Eventually, I might consider releasing the master database in another format (SCID comes to mind) but for now, I have to deal with file-sharing space and bandwidth limits.

3-How often do you publish delta (change) files between full releases?

As of now, I am planning on releasing delta files every month!  I will see how it goes for the first few releases before definitely making up my mind! Producing these files is a lot of work and takes an awful lot of CPU time !!

4-I want to submit games, how can I send them?

You can upload your files to the CGR Inbox.

5-In which format should I send you games that I want to share?

The only format supported is the PGN format!  And be nice, please compress the file(s) in zip, 7z or gzip format !

6-Why do you need my name and country when I submit games?

Because even though I do 99% of the work, I want this database to be a common effort and I insist on naming every contributor on the Contributors’ page !  The more games everyone submits, the more we all benefit!

7-Besides sending games, is there any other way I can help?

If you have disk space to act as a mirror, if you can setup a FTP directory, if you have any useful tool/suggestion/idea, contact me by email (see the About page) !!!

8-I have a problem downloading/uploading files, who do I contact?

Send me an email!  See my email address on the About page!

9-What is the content of those files?

The files contain games with players rated 2200 Elo or more.  It also includes games played by computers programs. All comments will be removed, all tags (even those not in the Seven Tag Roster) will be kept.  The size and number of the final PGN files of this database will be determined soon.

10-I have a question, who do I submit it to?

See my email address on the About page!

11-Is there any other place I can ask questions?

We have a Facebook page and a Yahoo! Group.  Do not hesitate to like us or join us!  Or leave a comment on this blog/post/page.

12-Who are you?

A chess lover but also a software engineer.  My name is Benoît St-Jean and I have another blog (bilingual) here. I also have that funny website (no longer maintained) on my favorite opening!

13-Why do you do this?

Here’s why!


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